NMC Fee Guidelines 2022 | ‘Illegal’, ‘they are trying to control 100%’ seats in private medical colleges: Expert | Education News,The Indian Express

The Indian Express speaks to former head of Maharashtra's medical education and research board Dr Pravin Shingare, currently a pro-chancellor of a deemed-to-be university, about the issues that private medical colleges have with the new NMC fee guidelines.

The Indian Express talks to Dr Pravin Shingare, former head of Maharashtra’s department of medical education and research, about the issues private medical colleges have with the guidelines. At present, he is a pro-chancellor of a deemed-to-be university in the state. Excerpts:

*The NMC office memorandum has a set of “principles” that medical colleges have been asked to follow for determining their fee structure. What is the contention of private medical colleges?

The National Medical Commission has, in fact, issued two different types of guidelines in the memorandum. The first guideline says that the tuition fee (for 50% seats) should be at par with the government medical colleges. The second guideline states that the fee should be fixed as per the principles. They have given 25 principles.

All state government medical colleges have a single fee figure that is decided by each state’s fee regulatory committee. If there is a central government college within the state, that fee is not applicable to it. If we look at the Maharashtra government, it has already finalised the fee for 2022 batch as Rs 1.1 lakh.

As per the first guideline, this 1.1 lakh fee will be applicable to 50% seats in all private and deemed universities in Maharashtra.


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